Zwarte Nexx X.R2 Dark Division Metal Black Carbon Matt Integraalhelm - Motorhelm - Maat S

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Over Zwarte Nexx X.R2 Dark Division Metal Black Carbon Matt Integraalhelm - Motorhelm - Maat S

If you're on the market for a full-on racing helmet with all the bells and whistles and are looking for something different, this is it. The Nexx X.R2 helmet is the flagship model from the Portuguese manufacturer. This particular one has a carbon fiber shell weighing only 1300 g (+/- 50 g). You know how they say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover? Well, the Nexx doesn't only look good.. it's a really well developed piece of equipment. The shell comes in 2 shell sizes (XS - L and XL - XXXL) to keep the weight and dimensions down. The X-Mart Dry fabric interior is soft to the touch, anti-sweat and anti-allergic and is of course fully removable and washable. The ventilation scheme consists of a large intake port on the chin, orientated directly into the wind for maximum air flow. On the top of the helmet you will find 2 aerodynamic intake vents that because of their V shape, really scoop in the fresh air. Hot air can exit the helmet through the exhaust ports underneath the rear spoile and 2 massive passive vents on the bottom rear.

The X.R2 is equipped with a flat racing visor, which is both tear-off and Pinlock prepared. Of course you will find a Pinlock lens in the box as well. Peripheral vision is exceptionally excellent with the X.R2, you will be hard pressed to see the left, top and rear edges of the viewport. The visor can be removed very fast and easily thanks to the quick release visor buttons. The X.R2 is aimed directly at racing use but if you wish to install a Bluetooth intercom, this is no problem thanks to the cut-outs for speakers.